FAQ, Use & Color Guide

Must I register to buy in Dollhouse floorings?

Yes, registration will allow you to access your purchases of digital items so that you can download it. From your account you can access to your purchased downloads (which you can download for an unlimited time), to your billing data and your shipping address, change your password, etc.

The orders are shipped worldwide?

Yes, in Dollhouse Floorings we can make a shipment to any part of the world, you just have to leave your shipping information in your profile, the cost of shipping to your country or region will be calculated.

Tariffs and customs duties
Dollhouse Floorings is not responsible for the payment of applicable customs duties and tariffs, the buyer will be responsible for those payments. Dollhouse Floorings is also not responsible for delays due to customs procedures.

Secure payment options
Dollhouse Floorings keeps your payment information protected, it does not receive your credit card details. You can pay through paypal, whether you have an account or not.

Returns & Exchanges
In the case of downloadable files, I do not accept changes, returns or cancellations, please contact me if you have a problem with your order.
In the case of physical objects, if you have received the item in poor condition, take some photos of the package before opening it showing the damage, and send me an email explaining the incident. In the event that the product arrives well but it was not what you expected, you can request a refund but you will have to pay the shipping cost, once I receive it and see that it is okay, I will contact you to see what type of refund we agreed.

Print this guide before purchasing.
Click on the image to download.

Since digital purchases cannot be returned and so that you have a color guide before making a purchase I have prepared these samples of almost all my floors, I update them as I add new floors in the store, if you don’t find your floor, ask me and I can send you a sample before you buy it.
I hope this helps you.

How to use:
1- Use sheets of paper to make a pattern of the floor of your miniature where you want to place the printed floor. Use small pieces of paper, fasten them to the walls and edges of the room and tape beetween them together.

2- In this pattern, trim the door profile or other profiles.

3- Print your downloaded foor, I recommend to print it on laser printer at a copy service on 300g sheet. But you can also print it on an inkjet printer on 200g or photo paper sheets. At home do color tests of small areas with various printing parameters until you find right options, this way you can see how it looks better. New floors added are borderless so you must print them on A4 plus or A3 plus, yhis way you’ll get a bigger printed surface.
Remember to print it at 100% scale. Inkjet printers are good enought. For an optimal finish, you can stick a sheet of transparent adhesive on its surface, you can find them in shops and stationery stores, and in a specialized vinyl store you can find matt transparent adhesive.

4- To join several of the printed flooring, cut out the shapes following the zigzag or straight profile of tiles or parket to fit them well.

5- Once you have enough sheets or cutted surface, turn it over and on its back, fit them and hold them with small pieces of tape.

6- Turn it over again to see its printed part, check that everything is fine, place the pattern over your floor and mark its profile to be able to trim it.

7- If you want, you can cover your floor with self-adhesive transparent film to give it protection and support.

8- Finally glue the floor to your miniature using double-sided tape (recommended), carpenter’s glue (spread a very thin layer so that it does not wrinkle and allow to dry very well), If you want the floor to be removable, you can stick it on cardboard or foam board and not directly on the dollhore floor.

9- Enjoy your new floor!

If you have any question fell free to write me a message. I’ll answer as soon as possible.
Hope to see you again in my shop 😉