JUNE. Miniature Flooring, Tiles & Wallpaper. 8 Printed Sheets. 1:12 scale. Waterproof surface paper


June is a set of floor papers and wall paper inspired by a happy, vibrant, funny, jovial, kind and dreamy woman. 7 high quality floors and 1 wallpaper printed on 300 g/m2 matte laminated paper so that you can make a complete renovation of your dollhouse.

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JUNE is a set of seven printed floorings and one wallpaper inspired by a happy, vibrant, funny, jovial, kind and dreamy woman. I have designed these high quality floors printed on 300 g/m2 paper and matte laminated so that you can make a complete makeover of your dollhouse. As they have a plasticized finish, they are very resistant and if a water residue falls on them, it can be removed without damaging the floor, so they can be cleaned very easily, being able to keep your dollhouse free of dust. These flooring sheets are designed for 1/12th scale, but they work as well at 1/6 scale for Barbie dolls. They looks perfect and have a crisp detail, trim and fit as needed for your dollhouses, room boxes and dioramas.


In my pine wood or DM wood dollhouses I usually glue these floors with latex glue (carpenter’s glue), when I apply it slightly diluted with water it seems that the paper is curving towards the ends, do not be scared, it is part of the process, you have to keep applying pressure over its entire surface for a while until it is completely glued and is flat, once dry it will be perfectly flat. You can also choose to stick it only by the ends with double-sided adhesive tape or also with adhesive spray, you can cut out the part where my logo appears and make previous tests of gluing on surfaces similar to the ones you are going to work. You have 7 floors and 1 wallpaper to start renovating.
I hope you enjoy! you already know that in my store you can also find other floors as digital downloads that you can print at home.


Size: 16,14″ x 11,7″ (inch). 41 x 29,7 cm. (almost DIN A3)
Paper: 300 g/m2


-8 Sheets of different designs.


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• Colors may vary depending on monitor.
• If the floors arrive in bad condition, please take a photo of them and contact me, we will agree on a solution.


Kindly get in touch prior to making a purchase with any questions you may have. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.


You can use the copies only for personal use or as part of your work as a miniaturist, not for resale.
Original designs by Tiny Universe Minis | Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
Purchasing this print does not transfer any ownership of copyright to the buyer.

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