Hi, I’m Noemí, I design printable miniature parquet and tile floors to makeover dollhouses quickly and easily, with a beautiful and realistic finish. I usually take photographs when I walk through my city, walls, old shop floorings, my friend’s houses or details that I find on the facades, or in nature. At home I look for materials, textures … with all this I create new designs inspired by ancient or modern tiles or floors, also I make scale replicas of spectacular floors.
The techniques I use are watercolor, drawing, acrylic, inks … which I later integrate through digital editing software, cause my job is about fine arts, graphic design, digital image editing and web design.

I started designing floors looking for floors to renovate my Greek dollhouse that I created fifteen years ago, but I couldn’t find any floor at my taste and that were a bit more modern and with a Mediterranean style, so in 2020 I started creating my own designs. This store is for me a new window to share my passion and my work about decoration and miniatures.

I also can make a new floor or wallpaper with your idea, let me know about.

Dollhouse Floorings

Dollhouse Floorings is my online store where you can find printed floorings, tiles and wallpapers.
When I was a child my attention was fixed in tiny things, I loved to see how snails could eat with their tiny teeths, how water drops could hang from a spider web, how sunlight could reveal the shining colors of the flower petals … I make tiny dollhouse floorings to remember that tiny universe.

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